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Cargo Bike-Tricycle-Street Food Carts on Bike

 Cargo Bikes
The Prices of  Various  STREET FOOD CARTS  that You can Find in this section, refer to the standard solutions. In the description section of each model, you can see what each Cart includes. Food cart design and fabrication,However we recommend you contact my cellphone +620811218446  to check if  the model that you are choosing,  is the most suitable for your needs. You can also require a quote for any other customizations.
Food cart design with bike,You can decide to remove some components that you don't need, and add others. Prices are therefore only indicative, and in the product description, you can see what is included and what is to be considered as Optional.
Food cart bike design

Food cart bike design,Usually we work on order and according to the season, delivery times may vary from what is indicated in the each model.

The Street Food Bike can be arranged for the preparation and sale of :

  •      Hot Dog
  •      Crepes
  •      Sandwiches
  •      Coffee Bike
  •      Fries, pancakes, Arancini, fried dumplings,
  •      cannoli Siciliani
  •      Yoghurteria and Ice Cream
  •      Fruit Bar, salads and juices and smoothies
  •      Pop Corn and Cotton Candy
  •      Roasted chestnuts and Paella
  •      Vin Broullè
Cargo Bike

The base can be the same and changing accessories and appliances you can adapt your Cargo Bike for Your Street Food
For correctness, we would like to inform all visitors of our Web Site, that a Cargo Bike is a Vehicle to Pedals (a Very Strong Bike), but it never can  replace a Car or a Van. A Tricycle carts like our, can travel only for short distances, at low speed and with a low load. If you think you have to overcome steep ascents with heavy loads, unfortunately a Cargo Bike is not the right vehicle for you. Even with a kit Electric pedal assisted, can never overcome significant gradients like a Car

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